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Mayor: Jennifer McCoy

7/15/19 - Council Agenda posted

The Elkhart City Council will meet in session on July 15, 2019. The following is copied in part from the city's official Agenda posted for the meeting with some additions and omissions:

The Council will discuss the city's intention to issue combination tax and revenue Certificates of Obligation. Hilltop Securities will be present for questions.

The Council will discuss various options for waste collection and disposal. This will include discussion for renogotiation of the current contract with Waste Connections.

The Council will discuss the placement of a fire hydrant at the new Fire Department building. This has been requested by the Elkhart Volunteer Fire Department.

The Counil will discuss the Interim City Secretary Ami Ashworth being made permanent.

Other items to be discussed include a Financial Update with current bank statements, commercial trash accounts, employee insurance benefits, Utilities Supervisor position, and a summer internship for Tyler Trahan.

7/1/19 - Council discusses City Marshall or Police Department

The Elkhart City Council met in an outdoor session on July 1st, 2019. The following is copied in part from the city's official minutes of the meeting with some additions and omissions:

After a closed Executive Session with legal counsel Bettye Lynn, the council voted to rescind any agreement to honor the former City Secretary Carla Sheridan's severance clause and that no severance be paid and that the previous action of termination remains effective. The motion was carried unanimously.

A new position of "Utilities Supervisor" was created as a "second-in-command" to the Public Works Supervisor.

A letter had been received from Waste Connections to not renew the current contract of solid waste collection and disposal. Waste Connections wanted to renegotiate their contract. The City will look at other options and the item willo be discussed at a later meeting.

Code Enforcement Officer Bill Knight discussed the possibility of reinstituting the Elkhart Police Department or/and consider a City Marshall position. After listening the his presentation regarding costs, various options, and such, the Council voted to take no action at the meeting.


Posted by Alan Gell