Date --- Opponent --- . --- .

9/1 Elks at Shelbyville == ELKS WIN 40 - 23

9/8 Leon at Elkhart == ELKS WIN 40-14

9/15 Elks at Troup == Tigers beat Elks 28 - 7

9/22 OPEN

9/29 Westwood at Elkhart (District) == ELKS WIN 35 -34

10/6 Elks at West == Away/District == Trojans beat Elks 57 - 19

10/13 Teague at Elkhart == Home/District == Lions beat Elks 44 - 7

10/20 Eustace at Elkhart == Home/District == Bulldogs beat Elks 35 - 10

10/27 Elks at Whitney == Away/District at 7:30 pm

11/3 Groesbeck at Elkhart (Senior Night) == Home/District at 7:30 pm

11/10 Elks at Malakoff == Away/District at 7:30


Both teams went into the game with good records and hoping to win. The weather wasn't quite as nice as the previous week. In fact, it was downright hot. It was Troup's homecoming game and there were a lot of presentations and king-queen announcements before the game could get started.

The first quarter looked pretty good at first, but the Tigers put points on the board about halfway thru the inning, then added another touchdown before the first quarter was over. The Elks added a touchdown during the second quarter. Halftime stood at 14 to 7 in favor of Troup. During halftime, Troup took a little extra time due to their homecoming celebrations.
During the third quarter, the Tigers added a third touchdown score, then during the fourth quarter, added another one. The final score was 28 to 7. The Elks offensive and defensive played extremely well and 'almost' made it across the goal several times. The final score was not reflective of the effort and determination, but more of the Tigers having a few lucky plays that gained a lot of yardage.

Elkhart wins home opener over Leon Cougars

It was an absolute gorgeous evening for Friday night football in Texas and the Elkhart fans took advantage of it. The PeeWee cheerleaders went out onto the field before the game and with the help of the varsity cheerleaders, they led the stands in several cheers and yells. Then, they lined up when the Elks ran out onto the field. The band was in wonderful form and put on a great show during halftime. And most important -- the Elks won the game 40-14.

The first quarter went back and forth, but Landy Mays had a 10 yard run about halfway thru the quarter to put the Elks on the scoreboard 7 to 0. Both offensive and defensive players on the Elkhart team did their job and did it well. The Leon Cougars kept attempting pass plays with the overwhelming majority being short, long, high, or batted away. During the second quarter, Demarcus Ray grabbled a fumble and scampered down the field about 50 yards to put another touchdown on the scoreboard. A few minutes before halftime, John Ashford punched the ball across from the one-yard line and the Elks went into the half at 21-0.

Following that terrific halftime performance by the Elkhart band, the Elks scored about halfway thru the third quarter. Trent Huff scored fwith a 6-yard run around the left side. The Leon Cougars finally managed to get 6 points on the scoreboard before the quarter ended. But, the Elks slipped in more points with another score by Trent Huff. The score stood at 34-6. Elkhart fans were breathing real easy by this time.

During the fourth quarter, the Elkhart team was not quite so aggresive, but di add a late score with a 25-yard run by John Ashford. To their credit, the Cougars from Leon did not give up. They pushed and pushed and added another touchdown score to their total along with a 2-point conversion. That is where the scoreboard stood at the end of the game.. 40-14. Everyone from Elkhart went home happy.

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(Photos by ALAN GELL)


(Photos by ALAN GELL)