Date --- Opponent --- . --- .

8/30 Elks WIN at Centerville 34 - 14

9/6 Elks WIN over Frankston 31 - 28

9/13 Elks WIN at Troup 42 - 14

9/20 Sabine beats Elkhart (Homecoming) 35 - 12

9/28 OPEN

10/4 OPEN

10/11 Elks at Trinity 7:30 pm

10/18 Diboll at Elkhart 7:30 pm

10/25 Elks at Crockett 7:30 pm

11/1 Coldspring at Elkhart 7:30 pm

11/8 OPEN



It was Elkhart's Homecoming game. The weather was slightly warm, but certainly not too bad, especially with the wind. West Sabine HS, located in the Gladewater area, had a comfortable number of visitors, including their band, cheerleaders, and others. The Elkhart home-town fans were hopefull and both teams went into the game with a 3 & 0 record.

The Elks team were valiant in their attempts to score, but the Sabine Tigers appeared to keep going and going, simply wearing the Elkhart players out. There was a heart-breaking goal-line interception. The interception took the wind out of the sails. The Elks scored two touchdowns, but that wasn't enough to overcome the Cardinals 35 points.

R.J. Moore ran 21 times for a total of 140 yards and one touchdown. Quarterback Cade Starr threw for 146 yards and one touchdown.



The Elks traveled to Troup and came home as winners. That extends the start of a winning season for Elkhart with a 3 and 0 record for the first three games. The Elks scored first with a 27 yard run during the first quarter by R.J. Moore. By halftime, the Elks were leading 14-7.

Troup bounced back after halftime, going to a 21-14 lead. But Elkhart didn't give up and kept pushing, adding to their score. At the end of the third quarter, the Elks were leading 36-14. During the fourth quarter, Cameron Sellars ran for 52 yards in another scoring attempt which was successful. Final score stode at 42-14 in favor of the Elks.


ELKHART WINS OVER FRANKSTON, first homegame 2019, 31-28

The Elks played through the supressive heat to get their second win of the season, beating Frankston 31 to 28. It didn't look too good for the home team during the first quarter with the Frankston team scoring twice. The first quarter ended with the scoreboard showing 14 to zero. But the Elks rallied and added 12 points of their own during the second quarter, ending the first half with a score of 14-12.

The second half was a little bit better for the Elks. They added anotherl 12 points during the third quarter and Frankston added another touchdown. At the end of the third quarter, it was looking hopeful with a score of 24 to 21 in favor of the Elks. Both Frankston and Elkhart scored 7 points during the final quarter, but that kept the final score in favor of the Elks. Final score: 31 to 28.

ELKHART WINS OVER CENTERVILLE, 2019 Season Opener, 34-14

It's been several years since Elkhart has had a winning football season, but if the Elks' season opener is any indication, this may be a year that will long be remembered. The Palestine Herald declared "Elks Tame The Tigers" and praised the coaching staff as well as Elks quarterback Cade Starr. Overall, it was considered to be a good running game that secured the victory.
Centerville started out with a 7 to zero lead in the first quarter came back and Starr rushed across the goalline in the second quarter to put Elkart on the board. Before the half was over, there were two touchdown with R.J. Moore and Messiah Birdow snagging passes and scoring. There was a Point-After score when Richard Carrillo grabbed a pass. Half-time stood at 20-7 in favor of the Elks.
The second half was effective for the Elks with Starr passing twice to Ky Thomas. These resulted in scoring plays of 40 yards and 37 yards. Overall, Cade Starr rushed for over 100 yards. Centerville had been ranked at the 20th spot in the 2A Division by Texas Football, and this win by the Elks certainly helped bump Elkhart's standings. Next week will be a Home game against Frankston.





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photos from 2015 season

photos from 2015 season



(Photos by ALAN GELL)


(Photos by ALAN GELL)